Blast chilling and shock freezing are the best natural system to extend the shelf life of food (Shelf life of food is defined as the maximum length of time a given product is fit for human consumption). Blast chilling take cooked foods from a finished cooking temperature (i.e. from the oven) to 37ºF or 0ºC in 90 minutes or less. While shock freezers take hot food to 0ºF or -18ºC in 4 hours or less. This inhibits bacterial growth, which in turn preserves taste and flavour while extending shelf life.
 In marketing, the shelf life of food is a very important consideration. Knowing the remaining shelf life allows the retailer to plan the length of time a product can be held, allowing control of their market.
However, blast chilling and shock freezing technology is still not popular in Malaysia, especially among the SMEs.  The technology is   sophisticated,  as such some equipment installed by the local supplier is found to have some technical defects.
At SME Packaging Centre Sdn.  Bhd., our refrigeration department is headed by Mr Peter Huibrechts @ Mohd Rizal Abdullah of Dutch origin.
Peter was sent by his company, Koma B. V. Holland to Malaysia in 1976 as a consultant to assist in the transfer of refrigeration technology to a local company. In 1977 he set up his own company, Huibrechts Bakkerij Voorlichtingscentrum.
Peter has been involved in the installation and commissioning of refrigeration equipment in various countries in Europe, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Hawaii, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine and Vietnam.
Since migrated to Malaysia in 1979 Peter had installed many refrigeration system in Malaysia to several Hotels, Confectioneries, bakeries, fish and meat processors and food processing factories.


He had recently installed a total Cold Storage System (for any kind of food application) for a Bumiputera entrepreneur in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur valued at RM800,000.00 and also in the midst of commissioning a Blast Freezer set for otoshimi production in Kapar, Selangor.